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Innocube supports young companies in all phases of their business development with direct and/or indirect investments, valuable know-how, dialogue, and a platform for more visibility.


We believe in the passion to develop great things. As entrepreneurs ourselves, who have been successful for many years, we invite you to get to know us, where heart, brains and seeing eye to eye are more important than a perfect business plan that must be explained in a few minutes.


A change of perspective offers the chance to gain new ideas and impulses for your project. We are happy to examine with you what is already there and what is planned. We question without blinkers and, where it makes sense, develop further impulses together with you.


We would do a lot of things again in terms of founding and building - but would do some things very differently.  An experienced view helps to avoid "classic" pitfalls when founding a company as well as mistakes that might occur during growth and expansion.


Take the opportunity to make interesting contacts and meet people with the same passion for entrepreneurship. We are happy to open up our network for this purpose, which thrives on mutual exchange and is constantly growing.


We help your project to gain increased visibility – for example on our website, with other entrepreneurs or through daily contact with customers and partners via appropriate channels.


By utilizing stress tests, we put essential success factors of your project to the test, define weaknesses and suitable solutions, regardless of which phase of company foundation or implementation you are currently in.


that work

A good idea is one thing; people who work passionately and professionally on it is another. The ability to lead in a contemporary fashion reshuffles the cards for entrepreneurial success. The good news: contemporary leadership is learnable – we can show you how!

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We have been accompanying people who have created remarkable things for many years. They are all united by a passion for a certain idea and the willingness to learn more every day. Perseverance, curiosity, and increasing know-how has written many a success story. At this point, we are pleased to present to you a selection of these companies. We invite you to write and share your own success story, whether as a sparring partner, investor or as part of our network.

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